helloooo welcome to my page :)


I do commissions through kofi!
email or dm me on twitter or discord (iababa) if you have any questions :)

what i draw

  • humanoids

  • furries/anthro

  • animals

  • mild gore/violence

  • armour

  • NSFW

  • mecha


image specs

  • minimum image size: 3200x3200*

  • dpi: 300

  • format: .png

* for commissions needing a specific size smaller than the minimum i will send 2 versions: original high res + resized!



  • payment upfront and done through kofi

  • complexity or time constraints may affect the final price

  • no refunds once the sketch is done


  • commissions should be finished within 2 weeks, but if i need more time i will let you know

  • after following the instructions on kofi i will message you!

  • most revisions can be made from sketch to line-art phase

  • only minor revisions during rendering (eg. colour edit, missing detail), any major revisions at this point may require a fee

  • i dont do complex backgrounds but we can discuss beforehand if you want one

  • if you need it by a certain date please let me know beforehand as it may affect the final price/my ability to complete the work!

  • once complete i will send you the file through email and preferred contact method (if provided, otherwise through kofi)


  • i am allowed to use commissioned artworks for my own promotional use (posting on socials, portfolio, etc)

  • i reserve the right to decline your order if i'm unable to do it or am uncomfortable with doing so!

  • not for nft or ai use

  • for personal use only. things like icons/banners/backgrounds are all good

  • you cannot resell/use for profit

  • you are welcome to post/share the artwork!! credit is not required